Every single time Regulus Black would go to kiss someone or hug someone or look at someone, a giant, black, dog would pop up and ruin his chances.

Every. Single. Time.



Yeah yeah Snape changed for Lily blah blah blah Regulus changed for his house elf! Regulus decided to defy the most powerful dark wizard in history because of his house-elf. Seriously! This is canon! He decided to leave after he saw how Voldemort was mistreating Kreacher! That is 1000x better than…


Now, allow me to direct your attention to Regulus Black who didn’t need a boring romantic subplot to redeem himself and become a hero.



Regulus Black, the loyal son. Regulus Black, the Slytherin. Regulus Black, with grades just good enough to please his mother.

Regulus Black, who keeps his hair neat and is polite at family gatherings. Regulus Black, who does not pick fights, who does not ride a motorcycle, who does not hang out…


why be a fan of severus snape when you can be a fan of regulus black?